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Vegan Lies in Paris

If you’re a vegan you might recognize this routine. You ask if something is vegan. You ask another guy at the store if it’s vegan. You go away and you come back another day and you double check. You maybe even get invited into the kitchen. You discuss eggs. You discuss milk. You bring up cheese, fish juice, the whole 9 yards. Finally you are convinced it is vegan. You relax and enjoy it.

Then about a year later – for some reason you don’t really understand  – you ask again. And they say… No! It’s totally full of eggs and sheep brains… who told you it wasn’t? Me??? No! My cousin!

Anyway, had a couple of disappointing revelations last week to share.

1- The bitterest of all. I scoured the Marais when I arrived here looking for the elusive chocolate filled vegan croissants promised by this joker here: guess what… I didn’t find them… or any chocolate filled vegan unicorns either. But I did find these almond croissants at the lovely Murciano Bakery on Rue des Rosiers, which were actually more like crescent-shaped marzipan pastry rather than the flaky “French Croissant.” Then last week, I just had to ask one more time in front of my out-of-town vegan friend and… guess what? Full of eggs. Barf me out …


2-Amorino. The widespread chain of Italian glaces artisanales. There’s one very close to my place,  and I have been guaranteed repeatedly that the sorbets I get there are just fruit, sugar, water. Ingredient lists were checked. What could possibly go wrong?

Then the other day, I don’t know why, I had to check again and right there with my kids already holding their cups she tells me “Why no… it has milk protein in it.” Don’t think switching to their chocolate soy ice-cream is going to save you because it is full of eggs.

I hope that I don’t need to update this post with more horrors… but I will if I have to, dear vegan readers!

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Le Pain Quotidien

I had a nice salad for lunch today at Le Pain Quotidien in the 4th. There are lots of salads in Paris, which is great: nothing wrong with that. They’re green and one of the best things you can eat, alive with wonderful chlorophyll.

This charming Belgian café chain has locations all over the world, five of which are right here in the center of Paris. It’s by no means a vegan restaurant, but I appreciate so much the acknowledgment of putting a carrot symbol next to the vegan options. They have three salads, vegan soup everyday, a fruit salad and of course their wonderful organic, whole wheat pain au levain [sourdough bread.]

Sitting in the charmingly decorated location that they have in the Marais around the big communal table, we had a warming bowl of potimarron [chestnut-flavored squash] soup and two nice salads: one with artichokes and beans, the other with tofu and three tasty sauces. The tofu might have benefited from being marinated but it was still an impressive and satisfying salad. Just look at the photo I took!

PROS: Openly vegan friendly, organic, multiple locations, sells nice oils, spreads etc.

CONS: No vegan desserts.

Le Pain Quotidien
18, Rue des Archives, 75004
Métro: Hôtel de Ville
Tel : 01 44 54 03 07

Salads at Le Pain Quotidien

Soup at Le Pain Quotidien

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Rose Bakery

There are a plenty of vegetarian restos in town, but there also are so many other places that are really nice beautiful, charming, fun or interesting where a vegan can still find something on the menu. Like, for example, the Rose Bakery which is not a vegan bakery but has a lot of my favorite things available in it like organic food and of course raw bars and lots of gorgeous salads, a menu that changes every day with a tofu dish and it’s in a really hip neighborhood for doin’ the boutiques. It’s also not far from the Picasso museum.

The original location is in the 9th at Métro Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and they opened the new location in the 3rd about a month back. Today I picked up some raw bars for a bit of raw power on the go. One of my favorite raw bar makers, Larabar, has brought a new flavor to the market: coconut cream pie. They had me at ‘coconut.’

Inside Rose Bakery

Why eat raw vegan food anyway? Well the idea is to get the maximum nutrition from your food. It’s a huge movement in CA and NY and England and Holland are getting into it. France hasn’t gone there yet. This little English-run shop has sneaked these bars in, which is a start and maybe now I don’t have to bring an extra suitcase over to the US with me to bring back raw bars. I was also surprised to see another of my smuggler items: Emergen-C vitamin C powder. Great for boosting the immunes this time of year.

They also do takeaway from the deli counter and I had the best of my life broccoli sesame salad with okara in it.

No vegan baked goods but you can special order a vegan cake: that’s huge… what if I didn’t want to bake a cake… or what if you wanted to get a vegan cake for me!

Rose Bakery
30 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
01 49 96 54 01

Outside Rose Bakery

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